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Main Street Moments

Dec 21, 2019

In this episode we talk about Kathy's first visit to Galaxy's Edge and why she didn't like all. 

She did like the Millennium Falcon though...

We also talk about Disney Plus and the Imagineering Story. 


Dec 20, 2019

Disney Vlogger Interview | Veronica from One Man's Dream

We interview one of our favorite Vloggers...

Veronica from One Man's may know her from Paging Mr. Morrow. Veronica talks about her new channel and when she will be moving back to Orlando!

Dec 15, 2019

Disney Employees Sleep in their Cars

On this episode we discuss a recent article that talks about a Disney World employee who sleeps in her car.  

Should Disney do something about it?


Dec 15, 2019

Are Epcot Festivals Getting Boring?

Kathy and Brian talk about what will happen to World Showcase once Ratatoille and Mary Poppins open.

Do you think Disney needs to ban alcohol from Epcot once it is a more child friendly park?